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Technology Plan

The Ellsworth Public Library serves the local community, population of 530 and other Hamilton County residents. This library uses print and electronic technologies to provide access to information for citizens of all ages to meet their educational, cultural and recreational goals. The mission of this library is to support lifelong learning by anticipating and responding to community needs for information, by encouraging a desire to read, and by enriching the quality of life in the community. Technology Vision Statement: The people of Ellsworth and the surrounding community will have convenient access to electronic information resources through proven technology and telecommunications. In the virtual and physical libraries, our role will be to provide value-added products and services which guide and direct customers to excellent sources of electronic information. Patrons will be assisted as needed by a sufficient number of knowledgeable, trained staff who can help them make the best use of both new and traditional information resources. Staff will be supported by up-to-date technology to ensure quality services that are efficient and cost-effective.


To use technology to increase library services.
Provide public computers for citizens to access information for their educational, informational, and recreational use.
Provide materials and requests to library users.
Provide the public with education and training using current technologies.
Support regular evaluation and implementation of new technologies as they relate to library services and community needs.
To provide customer service by improving the efficiency of the library’s circulation system.


Continue to provide phone service/DSL Internet connection through Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association, FY July 2008. Responsibility: Director
Provide patron access to the Internet on at least three computers in FY July 2008.
Responsibility: Director
Add one public access catalog computer in FY July 2009.
Responsibility: Director
Provide an office program, educational and recreational software on all public access computers in FY July 2008. Responsibility: Director
Add access to EBSCO host full-text periodical resources to all public access workstations in FY July 2008.
Responsibility: Director
Continue to provide patron e-mail to public workstation through June 2010.
Responsibility: Director
Create Internet Use Policies for the library by November 2007.
Responsibility: Director
By January 2010, a library Web page will be created to provide access to electronic resources from home or work, as well as in the library.
Responsibility: Director


The Library has four computers. All computer workstations have Internet connectivity. One computer is for staff use. All computers have color ink jet printers. The library staff computer uses Winnebago Library Automation software. Three are CD-ROM computers for patron access.
The library has two telephone lines. One line provides access to library staff to conduct library business and provide reference service. The fax is connected to the second telephone line which provides local and long distance access.
The library provides DSL Internet service to the four computers.
The phone line and DSL service is provided by the local telephone company, Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association.


First year: The staff will be trained in dealing with the Internet, implementation and use of LAN and software for the library. The Library Director will be trained on server administration.

Second year: The Library Director will develop a set of written instructions for new staff members and the public on the use of the hardware and software, including the Internet. Send assigned staff members to Webmaster and HTML training.

Third year: Continue to send staff members to appropriate training on advanced use of the Internet and Web.

Staff have been adequately trained on the use of the telephone. New staff will be trained as needed. Ongoing

The Library Director will be provided in-service training in technology using the Iowa Library Service Area workshops whenever possible. Additional commercial workshops will be used when necessary. Ongoing

By June 2008, The Library Director will have been trained on using EBSCOHost and will be able to direct patrons on its use.

By June 2009, all staff will have completed in-house training on information literacy strategies and will be proficient in providing the public with these strategies.


The Ellsworth Public Library intends to use the Universal Service discounts for the following services and equipment:
Purchase monthly charges for local and long distance telephone service.
Continue monthly Internet connectivity charges (DSL).
Purchase and installation of new computer programs.
Continue computer tech’s services quarterly in cleaning and servicing desktops and hard drives.
Budget for FY 2008/2009:
Regular/part time help $10,500
Travel allowance 275
Training 250
Library Sponsored Event 275
Building Main & Repair 560
Office Equip/Repair 750
Electric & Gas 2800
Trash Man 240
Telecommunications 850
Water/Sewer 324
Advertising Expense 150
Library Books 2500
Office Supplies 1000
Postage/Shipping 300
Library Periodicals 500
Library Videos/DVDs 1200
Other Supplies 575



The success of implementing this technology plan for the Ellsworth Public Library will be judged on the ability of the library to meet the objectives and time lines set forth in this plan. The plan will be reassessed each year at the November board of trustees meeting to evaluate progress and modify objectives as necessary.
An evaluation of meeting the goals and strategies set forth in this plan will be assessed at the August board meeting. Success will be measured on the increased use of patron computers and increased use of online services. Data collected on usage will be discussed at the board meeting.
An evaluation of meeting technology goals will be assessed by library staff and reported to the library board at the August meeting. Input will be collected to judge whether new and current technologies did improve library services during the year. Success will be measured by 2010.

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.