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Personnel Policy

The Ellsworth Public Library will provide a competent Library Director and staff who are dependable, efficient and organized. All staff members should project an image of competence and courtesy to the public they serve, have an understanding of the history and development of library services, know the service goals of the library, be aware of all library policies, and be well-trained in the practices and procedures required by their position.

Revised: February 2015



            The Ellsworth Public Library will have a permanent, paid director who is, or will be within two years of hire, certified at a required level.

  • Job Description – A job description shall be made available for those applying for all positions(Job Description included in this section)
  • Hours – The Library must be open and employ a paid staff for a minimum of 24 hours per week.  A substitute will be made available to replace the Library Director when absent.  The Library will not be closed for personal benefit.
  • Dress Code – The staff shall be dressed professionally with safety in mind at all times.  No short shorts or revealing shirts are allowed.  Shoes required.
  • On-the-Job Conduct – Conduct of all employees should be in the professional nature. No loud talking, greet patrons as they enter, be polite and thank them as they leave.  In case of irate patrons, hear them out and resolve the problems if possible.
  • Staff training/development – All staff members are expected to attend Library 101 training.  The Library Director must attend PLM 1 & PLM 2 within two years of employment to attain certification.  For re-certification, 45 credits must be earned every 3 years.  Seminars and Training sessions are held during the year to attain these credits.  (Suggested is earning 15 credits each year.)  The Director is expected to attend the 2 county meetings plus meet with the Supervisors each year.
  • Computer literacy – The staff of the Library must know the workings of a computer and be able to learn the programs necessary to manage the activities of the Library.
  • A custodian will be hired for the cleaning of the Library 2 hours a week.


  • Vacancies – Vacancies, other than custodial and substitute positions, will be announced and printed for 2 weeks in the local paper.  A notice will be placed in a prominent place at the Library.
  • Interviews – The Board Chairman shall collect the applications of Library Director.  Personal interviews will be conducted with each person who submits an application.  If entire board is present to interview, interview is considered an open meeting.  The interview committee should agree on a standard list of questions to be posted to each candidate interviewed.  A standard evaluation sheet to note candidate responses and board member impressions should be devised.  Other open Library positions will be the responsibility of the Library Director.
  • Requirements – The Library Director applicants shall at least have a high school education, experience in administration of a public library, management of supervisory experience and the ability to express clearly why they would be an effective director for the library.  Physical requirements should be explained – lifting, climbing etc.
  • Decision – In making the decision, the Board/Library Director should show no discrimination.  A decision will be made by the majority and the one chosen notified immediately in person.  The remaining applicants will be told of the decision as soon as possible.                                                                                              


  • Hours – The Library shall employ a paid staff for a minimum of 24 hours per week.  It must be open until at least to 6:00 PM or later one day a week and maintain week-end hours.  Library hours must be fixed and posted.

  •                              Hours open – Monday 12:00-5:00

                                                    Tuesday 10:00-6:00

                                                    Wednesday 12:00-6:00

                                                    Thursday 12:00-5:00                                                           

                                                    Friday 1:00-5:00

                                                    Saturday 9:00-12:00

    • Performance – The Library shall have a permanent, paid director who is, or will be within two years of hire, certified at the required level of PLM 2.  The Library Director’s performance is evaluated after 6 months hire.  Each employee’s performance is evaluated at least annually.  Blank performance appraisals to be given to each board member one month before performance evaluation.  Appraisals will be given to a 3rd party to compile results. The Board Chairman will then report the results to the board and the Library Director during the following board meeting.
    • Continuing Education – The Library Director fulfills continuing education requirements while participating in the certification program by attending approved education programs.  Continuing education requires 45 credits every 3 years for recertification.
    • Salary –

                STAFF                          STARTING WAGE        YEARLY RAISES            TOP PAY

    LIBRARY DIRECTOR                            $10.00         raises subject to available funds           

    ASSISTANT                                          $7.50               $.50 per hour                     $  9.25

    TEEN ASSISTANT                     Minimum wage          $.25 per hour                        $  8.50

    CUSTODIAN                                        $10.00                         0                             $10.00

    • Yearly raises start after the first evaluation at six months for assistants.  Library Director raises are subject to available funds.  Assistant’s wages are negotiable upon completion of PLM 1 & PLM 2 courses.  No benefits other than IPERS, Social Security and Medicare.  Custodian will receive no benefits.  Employees will not be paid for Holidays the Library is closed.
    • Library Director will be paid mileage, travel time, and time attending all functions that accrue CE credits, and for all required meetings.
    • Closures – The Library will be closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.  The Library will close at 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  In order to provide the best service, the Library will be open during posted hours whenever possible.  During extreme weather conditions, the library may close or delay opening.  The Director will call the President of the Board of Trustees to inform him/her of weather alerts.  The decision will be made during a conversation between the Director and Board President.  If the president cannot be reached, the library director will make the decision.  If the library director cannot be reached, the assistant on duty may make the decision for the safety of all.  Any closing will be posted on the following:  library doors, radio stations.
    • Orientation Program – The Library shall have a planned orientation program for all new employees.  Orientation of new employees shall be no less than 40 paid hours, or to be determined by trainer.  The orientation program introduces employees to the mission, philosophy, goals and services of the library in addition to their job responsibilities.  Custodian will be trained on the job.
    • Departures – Four weeks’ notice will be given by the employee upon resigning.  The Board or Director will give two weeks’ notice to an assistant whose performance is unsatisfactory.  Extenuating circumstance may result in immediate termination.
    • Grievance Procedures – The order of concerns in grievance procedures is: Assistant to Library Director, Library Director to Board Chairman and Board Chairman to Board.  Only one employee reports to the board – the director.


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